18 Ways to Support Local Businesses: Strengthening Communities with Every Purchase

Small businesses are the heartbeat of any community. They provide local jobs, unique products, and contribute to the vibrant character of our neighborhoods. While supporting local businesses has always been crucial, its significance has grown even more apparent in the wake of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Support Local Businesses?

Local businesses are more than just places to shop—they are integral to the fabric of our communities. Here’s why supporting them matters:

  • Preserving Community Character: Local businesses contribute to the unique identity of your town or city, making it more than just another commercial space.
  • Boosting Local Economy: Spending locally ensures that more money stays within your community. On average, 48% of each purchase at a local business is recirculated locally.
  • Supporting Diversity: They offer a variety of goods and services that reflect local tastes and cultures, often providing handcrafted and original products you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Creating Jobs: Small businesses employ nearly half of all U.S. employees and are crucial for local employment opportunities and economic growth.
  • Philanthropy and Support: Local businesses tend to give back more to local charities, youth programs, and community events compared to larger corporations.

How to Support Local Businesses

Here are 18 creative ways you can support local businesses without breaking the bank:

  1. Visit your farmer’s market: Buy fresh produce and local goods while supporting local farmers and artisans.
  2. Buy and gift local artwork and decor: Beautify your space with unique pieces from local artists and craftspeople.
  3. Order takeout and delivery: Enjoy a meal from a local restaurant and help sustain their business.
  4. Take a class or watch a livestream: Learn a new skill or enjoy entertainment from local instructors and performers.
  5. Tag local businesses on social media: Share your favorite finds and help promote them to your network.
  6. Leave a positive review on social media: Boost their online reputation with honest feedback and recommendations.
  7. Recommend local businesses to others: Word-of-mouth is powerful—spread the word about your favorite local spots.
  8. Comment, like, and engage on social media: Increase their visibility and engagement online.
  9. Buy gift cards: Provide immediate support and give the gift of local goods and services.
  10. Purchase store merch: Show your support by wearing or using branded merchandise from local businesses.
  11. Sign up for newsletters: Stay updated on local offers, events, and promotions.
  12. Search for local businesses online: Discover hidden gems and support businesses you may not have known about.
  13. Change your online shopping habits: Opt for local stores and platforms that support independent businesses.
  14. Respond to local business needs: Volunteer, donate, or participate in community initiatives they support.
  15. Hire local professionals: Support local services like plumbers, electricians, and contractors.
  16. Join local business alliances: Get involved in local initiatives that promote and support small businesses.
  17. Shop early for holidays: Beat the rush and support local businesses during peak seasons.
  18. Show appreciation to local workers: Treat service staff with kindness, respect, and generous tips.

Supporting local businesses isn’t just about making transactions—it’s about investing in your community’s future and preserving its unique identity. Every dollar spent locally makes a difference. Together, we can strengthen our communities and help local businesses thrive.